Saturday, February 23, 2019

Es Hail 2 - Oscar 100 satellite OpenWeb RX

It looks that new Es Hail 2 - Oscar 100 Satellite will be very popular. Big advantage is that this is the geostationary satellite! You can fine more here. It has got 10GHz down link. Well, years ago it could be a problem, but now you can buy cheap LNB for very small money! You can use TCXO for better stability and very simply RX is done (it is link)!
And LNB with external reference:

After 10GHz tropo OpenWeb RX I made also Es Hail 2 one:

 RTL-SDR for Es Hail 2 and another 2 RX for tropo 10GHz and 2m APRS:

 Future of 2,4GHz Uplink

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