Thursday, July 18, 2019

Holiday and IARU HF HQ 20m CW as OL9HQ

Again, after a year, we spent two weeks at QTH and worked on new and old projects... There is still something to do and now also a lot of to repair :( The first thing, we started with, was work on the "new" stack where the two top antennas were demaged by the Eberhart storm (link).

Than we wanted to prepare new tower with 2 x HB9CV for 20m as another two directions for IARU HF contest. At first we had to start with the top antenna - 13 el Yagi for 4/6m. Than 5el G0KSC for 10m and HB9CVs. So we built new 5 el G0KSC with 6m long boom for 10m and put it on the tower.
How simply, than HB9CVs. 

Unfortunately, next morning Pavel OK1MU came with new idea: " 5el is too small, lets change it to 6el :) ". Well, HB9CVs down, than 5el down, 6el up than HB9CVs :)

We had also time to relax, drink and eat. Thanks for nice present to Gabry IT9RGY (from Montichiary 2018). There is also new QRO Stack Match for up to three antennas at the picture. Some work around vineyard and play with one DL army TWR :)

 Some OL7M honey :)

 And 6el G0KSC on the tower :)
 Standa OK1CID and Pavel OK1MU



 And the IARU HF HQ, we run 20m CW from OL7M as a part of the Czech HQ team. We had problem with inband antenna... cable to the wood looks OK, antenna looks OK, but no signal in the shack :( And no more time to solved the problem... Anyway we used all we can: old stack with new modified 5/5, new stack 5el only - second antenna was demaged by Eberhard storm and two stacks of HB9CVs to EY+PY, I+AF, G, UA. All setup worked nice and without any failure. 

A lot of work is still waiting at QTH... new 37m tower for BIG 4el 40m Yagi, 30m HB9CV, some EME dishes, 2el moxon for 40m, new solar panels and 500m of PE tubes to the GND for 7/8 cables...

See you next time :)

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