Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Again after a year there was the first Multi Single contest. There is a few photos and 3830 notes from Pavel OK1MU. Also some work was done :)

ARRL RTTY RU - Nice start  of new contesting year. Since some multipliers were only on FT4, for the first time we had to try this kind of operation. We made 1 x FT8 and 73 x FT4 QSO. Technologically, FT modes are very interesting, but .... Of course, everybody does what he enjoys, but this is nothing for us. In addition, we had also big problems with logging, rewriting QSO numbers etc. FT4 and FT8 should have their own special contest but should not be counted as the usual DIGI modes where the human factor is needed. This is a purely automatic robotic thing without the necessity of a human. Btw, number of our qso with NA for all years when we regularly participate in ARRL Roundup:
2013 - 693 QSO 
2014 - 682 QSO 
2015 - 443 QSO 
2016 - 516 QSO 
2017 - 425 QSO 
2018 - 444 QSO 
2020 - 625 QSO 

Anyway, the contest was great and we enjoyed it very mutch. Thank you all for ALL QSOs and we look forward next time.

Upgraded 4 TRX Remote/SO2R switch box and 2el Moxon for 40m
 New members of OL7M family :)

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