Tuesday, January 28, 2020

CQ WW 160m CW as OK6W SO non-assisted

Pavel OK1MU run CQ WW 160 CW 2020 in Single OP non-assisted from OL7M contest QTH.
There is his 3830 post:

Two years ago the storm has destroyed our original vertical for the TOP band, so we decided to build a brand new, huge and stable 39 m high vertical with 120 radials. After two years of work, the project was completed and this was the first big contest where we could test the new vertical in real operation. 

Before the contest I set my private goal to try overcome the 1.400 QSOs and try to break also the 15 years old national SOSB record by Jirka OK1RF. The whole contest was good old one man show - just one radio and one operator, no SO2R, no DX cluster, no spots, no web sdr scams, as today becomes common with some pooor guy... The combination of nice CONDX and excellent activity on the band eventually exceeded all my expectations. Best hour was 172 QSO, after three hours there were 420 QSO in the log. National record was broken after 19 hours on the contest. Its amazing and I enjoyed every one minute for full 30 hours. My final result in SOSB with just 30 hours QRV is better than all our results from OL7M in previous years, when we were full time in MS. Incredible. 

Thank to Jan OK2ZAW for technical support before the contest, all technology worked perfectly without any problem full contest. Big thanks to you everyone who called me, because without you, this great result would never been possible! 

Thanks and see you soon in ARRL CW in Multi Pavel OK1MU/OK6W

Tunning part to SWR 1 : 1,02

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