Monday, November 14, 2022

144 MHz TROPO 11. - 13. Nov 2022

There were nice TROPO duct opening in last days. Thanks to some antenna work at OL7M I can use new 12el G0KSC LFA Yagi. Due my faul when I have overdrived my 150W mosfet PA some weeks ago, I was able to test new antenna only with less than 5W :( When I come home from OL7M and switched remote ON, the big surprise started at the screen. Nice tropo ducting to OZ, SM. Saturday morning started with opening to EU and UA. I was very happy to make some nice QSO over 1000 km at FT8 with only 5W in the antenna. ODX is EW6D from KO55 1149 km.

Worked stations:

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