Monday, November 14, 2022

 RX Audite - TRX/SDR splitter and switch

This is my new RX splitter and TRX switch. Including string of protections, optional preamplifier and INBAND RX antenna input. You can find more at: this link.

Main functions:

  • Frequency range: 0,1 to 60 MHz
  • Main TX/RX ANT splitter to two RX
  • RX RF limiter protections for both RX outputs
  • Isolated SDR RX output + Common-Mode filter
  • HPF (> 100kHz), high voltage and current protection at both RX outputs
  • INBAND RX ANT input - works only for SDR output
  • TX-RX switch controlled by the PTT
  • Designed for 2nd RX, WEB-SDR, SKIMMER or Panadapter
  • Controller OFF = TX/RX ANT port to SDR RX out via RF limiter protections Skimmer/web-SDR
  • Controller ON = TX/RX ANT port splitted to TRX and SDR RX out via RF limiter protections
  • TRX TX to main TX/RX ANT = SDR RX out to dummy load or INBAND RX ANT input via RF limiter protections
  • Front panel Switch - SDR RX output to INBAND RX ANT all time
  • Preamplifier (optional): insertion loss compensation, up to 14 dB of additional gain
  • Preamplifier could be ON for SDR even controller is OFF (both by the front panel switches)
  • Very high isolation when TRX TX and SDR to INBAND 100 dB @ 14 MHz and 80 dB @ 50 MHz
  • Please, see also Frequently Asked Questions There FAQ

One black box but many different parts inside:

  • TX / RX switch controlled by PTT signal
  • PTT splitter (IN/OUT) in sniffer mode (IN directly to OUT) or output PTT FET switch picture
  • 2-way RX splitter with low loss
  • 2 x RF limiter RX protections - the best on the market :-)
  • RX switch for INBAND RX antenna (only for SDR output) settings
  • Both antennas with HPF > 100 kHz
  • RX preamplifier (high IP3, 18 dB gain) with variable ATT - OPTIONAL link
  • RX lines with High Voltage protections > 60 V AC
  • RX lines with SuperFuse current protections > 100 mA
  • Very high isolation TX to SDR, between RX ports, INBAND RX and TX/RX ANT port


  • Supply voltage DC + 12 to 14 V (13,8 V recommended), DC plug cable
  • Supply current DC max. 0,7 A with preamp
  • Maximal TX power 250 W, recommended 200 W
  • Very high isolation when TRX TX and SDR to INBAND 100 dB @ 14 MHz and 80 dB @ 50 MHz
  • PTT IN compatible with 5V logic or higher, TX = GND
  • PTT OUT sniffer (IN=OUT) or output FET (max. 35V DC and 0,5 A) picture
  • PTT is not designed for QSK but you can use with right PTT lead/tail/TX delay time: min. 10/10 ms
  • Default configuration SDR to INBAND RX ant input while TRX TX settings
  • Optional Preamp preset to insertion loss + 6 dB (total gain abt 10 dB)
  • Low insertion loss see measurements picture

RF limiters:

  • Limiter for RF signal to + 13 dBm = 20 mW (could be + 17 dBm) @ 50 Ohm
  • Current SuperFuse - the only at market
  • Can survive high input power (current) for long time
  • The soft clipping reduces the IMD products of a classic hard diode clip limiter

Internal Preamplifier module: (OPTION / version with preamp) link

  • Preamplifier could be retrofitted also by you - customer
  • High IP3 preamplifier module with 18 dB gain
  • With 2SC5551 transistor
  • Real OIP3 is +34 dBm
  • Preset to 40 mA @ 13,8 V
  • Low Noise Figure (NF) < 2 dB (60 mA 50 MHz)
  • Variable gain by output ATT
  • Preset to 10 dB for TX/RX ANT to both RX outputs = insertion loss + abt. 6 dB (1S) of gain
  • Bypass relays
  • Could be switched ON even the controller has got power switch OFF - preamp for SDR output.

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