Monday, September 21, 2020

 40m 4el Yagi - part 5: ERECTING

This is the biggest project at OL7M after the H-frame 4 x 6 el G0KSC system for 10m (link). Started about 10 years ago. Jiri OK1RI designed it in 2012.

This 4 el 40m Yagi project is over thousand hours of work. BIG thanks to Jiri OK1RI for many hours of designing. The result is incredible: designed results are the same as reality! Despite the facts that there were a lot of unknowns. We also have to thanks to Father of Jarda OK1XUB for mechanical designs and all consultations, Pida for climbing and many many other who were participated in this big and long project.

There are some parameters:

Boom length:                    19,05 m / 62,5 ft

Boom weight:                    130 kg - special dural triangle 70x70x70 cm

Longest element:             23 m / 75,46 ft

Elements weight :            190 kg - dural - 14 tubings, biggest diameter 100/5 mm

Tower height:                    36 m / 118 ft - triangle 80x80x80 cm

SWR:                                  less than 1:1,2 (7,000 to 7,200 MHz)

With 5m of coax

All posts about this project are there (link).



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