Tuesday, September 29, 2020

 CQ WW RTTY 2020 as OL9A SOSB80

I am quite busy last months and I was decided to work and do not run contests a few weeks ago... But than I have changed idea and wanted to finish some old projects: 80m single band PA and 5el wire yagi. PA was almost ready but I found problem with the low voltage for G2 and this could be a lot of IMD than better to leave it for next contest. And thanks to big help from Olda OK1YM, Pavel OK1MU and Jarda OK1XUB we could finish 5 el Wire yagi for 80m for the first testing in the contest. Also BIG  thanks for their help not only with beverage antennas. I could have it only for this weekend and WX was bad - a lot of rain :( We added one more beverage to NA on Saturday. 

And how about the contest. Well, quick look at aurora numbers and I could imagine how bad it could be :( Contest starded and there were no pile-ups. A65DR was between fisrt, thanks Paul, nice signal! US station with very very low signals and what more - coming from 260 degrees beverage! So my 2 el End-Fire to 315 degrees was totaly for nothing :( Last time (2016) I made 125 US during the first night. What a nice number compare to this year one. At the end of the first morning I was missing around 70 QSOs. What can we do, it is almost the same for all in the contest. Time for short sleep and than work on one more beverage. Conditions to East looked better. I could easy work 7 JAs. Surprice in numbers of VU and YB, thanks for 4 and 4 QSOs. I think I missed some DXCC which called me, but I was not really sure for QSO and did not log them, like: P4, LU, 2 x California etc. Nice highlight were VK5ARGRobert T6A with S7, Hasnad AP2HA with S8 signal and ZM4T in 6 UTC via the Long Path but with signal S7 :) 

Totaly made 119 US, 9 VE, 1 VK, AP2, 177 DL etc

I could not have time to compare 4SQ-8DIR and 5el wire yagi in EU and East Coast, maybe next time. Anyway signals in the West and North EU were very strong.

We also found some time for the ground work. So more than 200m of trench for new cables and two holes for another UHF antennas - 8.4 (10) GHz dish and 16th H+V yagies for 70cm EME.

Final score: 1029 QSO   2190 Points  19 Zones   68 DXCC   26 States  

Score : 247 470

5el Wire Yagi


  1. Hi Jan,
    You were always strong here, and I came across you many times after some S&P when looking for a place to park my signal for some run.
    Here running 1kw to a HB vertical - usually 4 traps, 5 bands 30-160. For this weekend I removed the 80m trap and tuned for 3.59. With no active trap I wasn't challenging anything with the power.
    My Mag loop for Rx didn't help any so the vertical worked ok for Rx also.
    It is harder from here with so few nearby stations, almost everything is 2,000km plus. Z20 being the nearest with any number of ops.
    My final tally was about 55k pts. It was huge fun though, so I might have to repeat this in Feb for WPX.
    Congrats on your great score in mediocre conditions.

  2. Thanks a lot Paul. You had great signal, real S7. Found you many times during S/P tunning up and down :) You must have a lot of patience. I can not imagine to be in city and without beverage antennas...

    Take care! Vy 73 Jan