Wednesday, September 9, 2020

 How we (did not) run VHF contest 2020

We had got big plans for VHF contest. Some weeks ago we have prepared new ladder based tower with pipes on the top. Jindra OK1NOR made new 6 pieces of 6el DK7ZB. We met on the Koruna hill during the Friday morning and started with new tower. All was fine and we had got new antennas soon in the air.

All HW was connected during Saturday. All looked fine. Quick check of the rain radar and what a surprise. Heavy rain and a lot of lightnings, one by one was going to our direction...

Contest started but we made only strong stations... Something is wrong. We had to switch RIG off because of the heavy rain and a lightnings... New preamp, still the same. After hours of checking we decided to switch RIG off, contest ended faster than began... 


Another results of the storm

Going down

Photos from Olda OK1YM:

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